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As a medium-sized enterprise we are worldwide active in the field of preventive fire protection. We are especially attending to fire protection for conveyor systems and the elaboration of specific fire protection solutions. Our range of services comprises planning and design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of conveyor system shutters and the corresponding control technology including emergency power supply plants.
The gte assembly teams install our fire protection systems at any place on earth. Upon request our specifically qualified service technicians will carry out the officially prescribed maintenance and tests.


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More than 10.000 worldwide realised fire protection systems offer airports, manufacturing facilities, trade institutions and logistics companies safety and highest possible protection in case of fire or breakdown. During planning and development not only the expectations of the clients need to be matched with the technical capabilities, everything has to meet the country-specific directives and regulations.
At 3D-CAD und CAE workstations highly qualified graduate engineers plan solutions for conveyor system shutters as well as for computer-based control technology. Hold-open devices, material clearance controls and emergency power supplies are interlinked according to the requirements thus helping to operate the fire protection system easily and maintenance-friendly.

Im Rahmen des Programmes zur qualifizierten Ausbildung im Verbundsystem, spez. Ausbildung zum Mechatroniker und Prüfungsvorbereitung, erhält unser Unternehmen eine Landesförderung aus dem Europäischen Sozialfonds 2014 – 2020.
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