For guaranteeing the trouble-free implementation of a fire protection measure in the field of fire protection for conveyor systems a close and trustful cooperation is required. That starts with the architects and goes on with the planning and designing engineers, the implementing companies and last not least the client. 


Already in the planning phase it is imperative to consider what the user of the plant is expecting from the fire protection of the conveyor plant. Those expectations need to be brought in line with both the technical options of the fire protection of the conveyor plant and the rules and regulations to be met.


Since this is not a case of simple independent conveyor system shutters for closing an opening, the need for cooperation will occasionally be ambitious. Often there is a significant need for clarification as to an inclusion of the fire protection of conveyor plants regarding controls and fire protection in the all-inclusive safety concept.  


For that reason it will be very benefiting  to timely involve  the company for fire protection of conveyor plants already at an early stage of planning.

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