Bulkhead for Fire Water Series 600 A/B

On Saturday 1st November, 1986 a nightmare scenario comes true in the Basel Region, there is a fire in a chemical plant. Somewhere around midnight the storage depot 956 of the Sandoz Company bursts into flames. In the area more than 1.300 tons of chemicals are stored. The fire is relatively fast brought under control. The storage depot of the Sandoz factory area in Schweizerhalle is completely damaged.

Almost the whole quantity of fire water of that fire night disgorged directly into the River Rhine. Soon after fishermen find what then becomes sad knowledge: thousands of fishes died in the fire water.

The cause and the consequences of that devastating environmental disaster played a part in contributing to see the items fire protection and conservation of the environment as an entity and that as to national and international activities and also within the scope of harmonization of European standards.

The gte bulkheads for fire water (BFW) are principally self-closing. In the event of fire or in case of failure the necessary activities are controlled fully automatic. The release can be activated by own fire detection devices, a local fire-alarm system or humidity sensors. The opening procedure is performed manually or motor driven.

Detailed definitions can be taken from the approvals (upon request) 

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