FWB Series 600 Type A/B

gte –Fire Water Bulkhead (FWB)* 

LWS Baureihe 600


- Building structure openings which line up with the floor 
- In front or behind the opening to be sealed 
- On sliding door-, roller shutter- or double door openings 


W = 200 mm up to 4.000 mm

Stowage height 

100 mm up to 1.200 mm

Closing direction

top down



Location of installation

above the opening 



Mounting on

Concrete, brickwork, constructional steelwork* 



Type  600 A 600 B
operating type  manually automatic
operating position systematically open open/closed
open manually operated motor driven
close manually operated automatic
alarm closing in the event of fire through mechanical closing device 
Operating principles 

The closing element is fixed by means of the hold-open device above the opening to be secured. Thus the free usable passage of the opening remains preserved. In the event of fire detection, alarm or during shut-down periods the closing procedure is released via the control system and is announced optically and acoustically.

The release of the alarm can be realized by means of fire or hydro detectors. The closing procedure is performed with an adjustable delay for protecting people and goods traffic.

In closed position the fire water bulkhead is pressed to the bottom and locked. Thus a total sealing of the building structure opening is achieved and coming up waters are stored in the sealed off room and can then be disposed gracefully. 


The gte-fire water bulkhead consists of a steel construction of inherent stability. The closing element consisting of a steel framework with two-sided steel metal sheeting is seated in the steel frame and the dead load is compensated via laterally guided counter weights. The hold-open device mounted on the frame retains the closing element in resting position above the opening. At the moment of release the fire water bulkhead closes by means of its dead load whereby the speed is controlled via an eddy current brake. By means of two special interlockings the closing element is pressed on the floor and into the lateral sealing areas. A continuous acid-resistant special sealing that surrounds the closing element ensures a secure lateral sealing and a secure sealing towards the floor. 


- Hold-open device for keeping the CSS open 

Sensor for realizing the open position.

- Terminal box as interface for control. 



Additional Equipment

Humidity detector 



*) detailed definitions (upon request) 

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