Drive Controls

Controls for conveyor system shutters with motor drive 

The basis is provided by the gte hold-open device production series 20 for conveyor system shutters as part of track-bound conveyor systems according to the note of authorization No.  Z-6.5-1705 of the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt). 


he basic functions of the hold-open device are here expanded by the additional control of the drive motor of a conveyor system shutter. The arrangement of a single control can be installed in a control cabinet (380x380x200) mm. Depending on the drive design the drive control happens by means of contactors or electronic gates. 


The following safety functions can be active: 

  • protective switch 

  • electronic current limitation 

  • running time controls 

  • controls of closing area 

  • protection of closing edges 

Steuerung für Förderanlagenabschlüsse mit Motorantrieb


Steuerung für Förderanlagenabschlüsse mit Motorantrieb


In case of multiple controls the arrangement is performed in control cabinets. The control panels are arranged on the control cabinet doors. In consultation with the client the size and the design of the control cabinets are adjusted to the number of controls. 

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