Emergency Power Supply

(Measure for Clearing the Closing Area)


Statistical surveys and damage analyses state that whenever a fire or a breakdown occur that in a vast majority of cases one can also expect an electricity failure. This is why in the „Directions for the approval of conveyor system shutters as part of track-bound conveyor plants“ of the German Institute for Structural Engineering Berlin in Article 1.6 the following is correspondingly required:


„... Appropriate measures shall insure, that the closing process cannot be interfered by either the conveyor system or the material to be conveyed (e.g. block securing, emergency power supply. ...“


The second independent power supply can be implemented as follows :

  • A second independent supply e.g. from a second transformer station (applicability to be clarified in consultation with the official expert e.g. of the VdS Cologne).

  • Emergency diesel generator.

  • Decentralized emergency power supply.



NotstromversorgungThe gte – emergency power supply unit is designed for the application as decentralized plant. Its installation can, together with the hold-open devices of the conveyor system shutters and the material clearance controls, take place in a control cabinet or as an individual unit. One battery set consisting of maintenance-free batteries is permanentlykept in an optimum state of charge by means of a charging and monitoring device. If there is a need of emergency power an electronically working frequency converter generates from the battery voltage a three-phase current with sine voltage for the supply of the conveyor plant motors or other consumer.


The frequency of the output voltage can be programmed by means of external or internal targets. Since no adapter transformers are needed for achieving the target voltage e.g. 3 x 400V it is possible to let motors for the purpose of clearing material start slowly through a ramp function or to let powerful drives (transfer carriages or lifting devices) with low frequency and thus with small power consumption run.

Due to the circuit concept the employment with inductive and ohmic consumers (emergency lighting plants) is possible.


Technical data upon request.

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