Hold-Open Device

gte hold-open device production series 20

The gte-hold-open device – production series 20 for conveyor system shutters 
as part of track-bound conveyor systems according to the note of authorization 
No. Z-6.500-2340 issued by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt), Berlin.


In case of individual controls the gte-hold-open device is arranged in a compact plastic case mountable on a wall, type of protection IP 54, RAL 7035. The arrangement contains 
all functions required according to the DIBt directives for hold-open devices. The supply terminals for extern connections are located in a separate, covered terminal space.

gte Feststellanlage Baureihe 20


In case of multiple controls the arrangement is installed in control cabinets. The operating panels are arranged on cabinet door. In consultation with the client the size and the design of the control cabinet are adjusted to the number of controls.

 gte Feststellanlage Baureihe 20


Einsatz für Förderanlagenabschlüsse mit manueller Öffnung.


The gte-hold-open device consists of below mentioned functional groups:

  • Power supply by means of a replacement power battery as second source of energy

  • Release device for controlling the hold-open device (magnet)

  • Connection facility for:
    - automatic fire alarm detector (according to DIN EN 54 and authorization Anlage I)
    - Hold-open devices (according to authorization Anlage III a, b, c)
    - Closing area control (light barriers Anlage II)
    - Signal exchange with conveyor system and building services (Schnittstellen)

The fabrication of the hold-open device is subject to monitoring according to DIN 18 200 consisting of self- and third-party monitoring.

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