Note that the signal outputs depend on the configuration oft he hold-open device FSA20-xx.



Signal outlets of the hold-open device production series 20

signal of the hold-open device to

potential-free contact (30 V max. 1A)



fire alarm control panel (FACP)

detector alarm

no signal

signal released





conveyor system


no release







position plant open


not open






position plant closed1


not closed1






closing areas


not free








manual operation







no error






1 not part of standard equipment



Signal inlets of the hold-open device production series 20

Signal from

input optocoupler 

(30 V max. 10 mA)

fire alarm control panel (FACP)
fire alarm no fire alarm fire alarm
digital control system
delete alarm delete -
conveyor system
release plant



- Detector-Alarm

The output to the FACP happens when the fire detectors of the hold-open device responded or an error occurred in this detector line. This signal shall be used as a signal for the building service (FACP).



- Release


With release according item 3.3 this signal will be put out. When this signal occurs the conveyor system must stop its operation immediately. The closing area must be cleared.




Position plant open


This signal indicates that the final position „open“ of the plant has been reached.



- Position plant closed


This signal indicates that the final position „closed“ of the plant has been reached (no standard equipment).



 Closing area


Independently from the number of the used closing area monitoring sensors this signal indicates, if the material to be conveyed is in the closing area or in the safety area.


-  Errors


The internal single error messages are collected in the signal error. The current error message is displayed in the alphanumeric indication respectively can be 
gathered from the error history level 11.


AchtungAs a matter of principle this error signal must be analysed. Non-consideration of 
the error message might lead to non-proper functioning of the control and thus to damages in the complete system.



- Fire alarm


Through this signal the hold-open device can be released by a local fire-alarm system or by fire detection systems of other conveyor system shutters. The signal supplying systems must be approved for this connection.



- Delete alarm

This signal offers the opportunity to delete a fire alarm or release detected by the hold-open device. This inlet may be triggered dynamically only. If this signal is permanently active, an error message is released.



- Release closing plant


Through this signal the release of the hold-open device can be delayed for removing the material to be conveyed out of the closing area. At the end of an adjustable delay time the hold-open device is released by releasing the forced closure.



- Acoustical signal


The acoustical signal is activated in case of safety-related error messages. Below mentioned error messages are saved:

  • Release of own detector

  • Wire breakage of fire detector loop

  • Short circuit of the fire detector loop

  • Release bus

  • Release panel

  • Release local manual push button

  • Release FAPC


Further errors are acoustically indicated, but they return self-activating after dying away:

  • Net error internally

  • Net error externally terminal

  • Protect switch supply terminal

  • Battery error

  • Unter voltage

  • Deep discharge

  • Safety shut down

  • Error closing area 1

  • Error closing area 2

  • Error closing area 3

  • Will be under voltage + power failure (pre-announcement)

  • Release under voltage + power failure

  • Plant out of operation

  • Closing edge control wire breakage

  • Closing edge control short circuit


The acoustical signal can be deleted by activating the button „Reset“ Signal (6) or „Reset“ Alarm (5). After approximately 200 seconds the acoustical signal returns self-activating.


The visual messages are deleted by itself after the error died down.

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