Sample Plants

Steuerungsanlage mit Feststellanlage Baureihe 20 im Kunststoff WandgehäuseApplicable for a conveyor system shutter with manually operated opening. In the event of fire or failure (detected by an own detector or signal from the Fire Alarm Control Panel - FACP) the magnetic clamp is released after the on-site clearing of the closing area. (monitored by a light barrier).

Einzelsteuerung für ein Sektionaltor

On the right in the picture one can see an individual control for a sectional shutter of a third-party supplier. In the picture on the left one can see a multiple control for 4 gte conveyor system shutters with material clearance control.

Steuerungsanlage mit Feststellanlage Baureihe 20Control system with hold-open device production series 20. Three gte control  systems are arranged in a central control cabinet. The cabinet contains below  mentioned components:

  • 3 hold-open devices BR 20

  • 3 motor controls for CSS

  • 3 material clearance controls

  • 1 emergency power supply unit

  • processing logic and co-ordination with the conveyor system and the building services

  • cabinet dimension (B x H x T):
    1˙200 x 2˙000 + 200 x 500 mm

gte Brandschutz gte Brandschutz