CSS Series 012 Type 12 A/B for Ceiling

Conveyor System interrupted in Closing Area 

gte – Conveyor System Shutter (CSS) T90/EI90* 

Proofs of suitability*



General Technical Approval of the German Institute for Structural Engineering /Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) (Germany). 

Baureihe 12


The conveyor system is interrupted in the closing area or it is interruptible. 


Ceiling opening: 

W = 200 mm up to 750 mm
H = 300 mm up to 900 mm
Thickness of closing element= 58 mm
Ceiling design according to the Regional Building Regulations. Detailed definitions can be taken from the approvals (upon request) as fire section. 


Closing direction: 

 ←    →

Kind of installation: 

above or below ceiling 

Mounting on: 

concrete 100 mm* 


Type 12 A 12 B
operating type 
manually automatic
operating position 
systematically open 
open / closed
manually operated
motor driven
close manually operated automatic 
alarm closing
in the event of fire through mechanical closing device 
Operating principles: 

During conveying operation the closing element is situated on or below the ceiling next to the opening and is retained there by means of the hold-open device (magnetic clamp).
In the event of a fire detection the closing element moves into the gap in front of the opening of the conveyor system, driven by mechanically stored energy and seals it all over, four-sided overlapping and without any residual openings.
In case of a motor-driven design all functions can be operated via control of the hold-open device, the local manual push button on the CSS or by means of the conveyor system control. 



 Basic equipment see „Description of Conveyor system shutters
    - Hold-open device for keeping the CSS open
    - Sensor for realizing the open position.
    - Terminal box as interface for control.

Additional equipment: 

Tilting bridges for rails of vertical conveyors 



*) Detailed definitions can be taken from the approvals (upon request) 

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