CSS Series 104 Type 100

Conveyor System not interrupted in Closing Area

gte – Conveyor System Shutter (CSS) T90/EI90 

Proofs of suitability*:


European Technical Approval (Europe)


LPCB 735a

Loss Prevention Certification Board of BRE London (United Kingdom/ Commonwealth)




The conveyor system is not interrupted in the closing area 

Conveyor system:

Roller, chain, belt conveyor, etc. *
Aluminium capping beams in closing area shall be separated by cutting them thermally* 

Clear wall opening: 

(not height above conveyor system):

W = 800 mm up to 1.500 mm
H = 500 mm up to 1.500 mm
Thickness of closing element = 48 mm 

Closing direction 

swiveling from top 

Kind of installation: 

Raised or floor-level installation possible. 

Mounting to: 

concrete, brickwork, * 


Type 100 B

operating type 


operating position 

open / closed


motor driven



Alarm closing

in the event of fire through mechanical closing device 

Operating principles:

During conveying operation of the conveyor system the closing element is situated above the opening and is retained there by means of the hold-open device (magnetic clamp).
In the event of fire detection the closing element, whose sealing elements are adjusted to the profile of the conveyor system, moves, driven by mechanically stored energy in a quarter circular movement as close as possible towards the continuous conveyor system. The closing element seals the opening three-sided overlapping T90. Remaining openings are closed through the exposure to fire.
The conveyor system shutter is opened by means of motor drive. All functions can be operated by remote control via control of the hold-open device, the local manual push button on the CSS or by means of the conveyor system control. 


Basic equipment see „Description of Conveyor system shutters"
- Hold-open device for keeping the CSS open
- Sensor for realizing the open position.
- Terminal box as interface for control. 

Additional equipment*:  - Clearing device, stopper



*) Detailed definitions can be taken from the approvals (upon request) 

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