CSS Series 200 Pipe / Channel Type A/B

Conveyor system interrupted in closing area/separable 

Among conveyor systems for bulk material and piece goods the industry employs for transporting various gaseous media pneumatically operating conveyor systems in the shape of pipes or channels.

The conveyor system shutters employed in this application are generally technically approved. The fire resistance can be T90/EI90 or T120/EI120.

For separating the endless conveyor system specific components which are functionally linked with the movement of the shut-off element are used.

In compliance with the requirements as to seal tightness and function three series are offered: 



Series 210

Series 220

Series 230

For simple applications with low requirements as to seal tightness

For higher requirements as to seal tightness with sealing the pipe edges

Same requirements as series 220. Small size, the pipe element is only axially shifted






e.g. exhausting of particle-free air.

w.g. exhausting of air containing hazardous substances and particles.

Loadable with over- or vacuum pressure 



Baureihe 210 Baureihe 220 Baureihe 230



For all series applies:

  • 100 % free conveyor cross section
  • No additional auxiliary energy for the purpose of sealing needed
  • Design as multiple pipe system possible
  • Design for increased range of temperature possible
  • Using of stainless steel or synthetic material fort the piping system possible

The control engineering functions are realized by means of hold-open device series 20.

Detailed definitions can be taken from the approvals (upon request) 

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