Conveyor System Shutter with Clearing Rake

The clearing device consists of two levers, which are pivotably connected around a shared shaft, as well as the clearing rake, which is attached to one end of the levers and adjusted to the profile of the conveyor belt . The other lever end is mounted on a shaft, that is driven via a drive from a battery supported DC motor, and that automatically moves the clearing device in co-ordination with the conveyor system shutter.


The clearing device is appropriately mounted on the opposite side of the opening to be closed by the shutter and it grasps through the opening by means of its levers. During the working time of the conveyor the clearing rake is parked upside the maximum height above the material to be conveyed so that a failure-free conveying operation is guaranteed . Prior to closing the conveyor system shutter the rake is  lowered on the shut-down conveyor plant and, via the levers, drawn through the opening along the conveyor plant. Thereby the material to be conveyed is removed from the closing area of  the conveyor system shutter . Since the conveyor plant is out of service no further material to be conveyed will be delivered, so that the cleared area will remain clear.  When opening the shutter the conveying status will automatically be restored.

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