Smoke Control Curtain (SCC) Series 320

Description of Smoke Control Curtain Series 320 

gte – Smoke Control Curtain (SCC)*  

gte-Smoke control curtain(SCC) series 320 according to gte-factory standard for providing smaller smoke sections in the area of large fire sections .

Design based on DIN 18095. 

Rauchschutzvorhang Baureihe 320
Clear width

W = 3.000 mm 

H = 3.000 mm 



Closing direction 
top down
Place of installation
above opening 
Mounting on universally* 

Closing of openings which line up with the floor or which are not floor level positioned, against smoke gases t > 200 °C. Mainly for track-bound conveyor plants, whose rails and tracks are separated in the closing area of the SCC (30 mm slot is acceptable). Installation on walls and ceilings which serve as room sealing smoke protection partition in the form of solid or lightweight construction. 
Employment in combination with Conveyor system is possible.  

Type 320 A 320 B
operating type manually automatic
operating position systematically open open/closed
open manually operated motor driven
close manually operated automatic
alarm closing in the event of fire through mechanical closing device 
Operating principles 

During conveying operation the closing element of the SCC is unrolled across the opening and retained there by means of the drive system. The control system is interlocked with the conveyor plant, so that an unintentional closing is not possible.

In the event of fire detection or at the end of the conveying operation, released by an appropriate signal, the closing element of the SCC moves into the gap of the conveyor plant in front of the opening and seals it all over, four-sided overlapping without any remaining openings  


Der gte-smoke control curtain consists of a sturdy circumferential steel frame (casing frame) with a number of fixing elements for installing it on a wall or a ceiling. The actual closure of the opening is provided by a non-inflammable laminated glass fiber material. 


The motor driven electrical opening and closing device, a reduction gear unit, is mounted on the steel frame. 


- Hold-open device for keeping the CSS open 
- Sensor for realizing the open position.
- Terminal box as interface for control.  

Additional Equipment

upon request




*) detailed definitions upon request 

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