Smoke Protection Series 300

Occasionally it is officially required or requested by the client to limit the fire spread within fire segments in minor areas. 


Thus people shall be protected against smoke and manufacturing facilities or storage areas for example against deposition caused by cold smoke. 


Products for smoke protection can also be employed in combination with conveyor plants. For achieving more tightness a conveyor system that is either interrupted or interruptible in the closing area shall be preferred. 


Two production series are offered which meet the requirements as to tightness and function: 



Series - 310

Series- 320

Smoke control shutter

Smoke control curtain



> 200.000 closing cycles


ca. 10.000 closing cycles



Rauchschutz Baureihe 310 Rauchschutz Baureihe 320




The control technical functions are realized by means of the hold-open device series 20. When employed in combination with a conveyor system, additional components in the form of material clearance control and emergency power supply are required in order to secure the intended function. 


Exact component data upon request

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