The cycle for the performance of the test and maintenance works is clearly  stipulated in the General Technical Approvals by the German Institute for Structural Engineering Berlin.



... Each fire protection shutter shall be at least monthly tested by the user for its serviceability. In addition the user is obliged annually to undertake or to have undertake a test as well as a maintenance regarding an undisturbed functioning of the fire protection shutter in co-operation with the conveyor plant and the hold-open device.

That maintenance may be performed only by a technician or a person skilled for that purpose. The outcome shall be recorded in the test book. The manufacturer of the fire protection shutter shall inform the user of the conveyor plant about those requirements. ...

Source Approvals German Institute for Structural Engineering, Berlin


In case the tests are omitted and the test book is not kept the „serviceability“ of the object of approval (here the CSS) is considered to be no longer sufficiently evident.


Considering building law in this case the General Technical Approval for fire protection devices loses its validity .


For guaranteeing an undisturbed conveying operation with a simultaneous minimisation of a risk in the event of damage or loss we recommend to conclude a maintenance contract as a part of which the required annual supervisory test will be performed by our technically qualified maintenance personnel. That test will be confirmed in a test book that is recognised by authorities and insurance companies.


If the maintenance intervals required by the General Technical Approval are not complied with, maintenance works are neglected or improperly performed any warranty claim will lapse.

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