Repair works may be performed only by a specialist or a person trained that purpose.


During the execution of the repair works the compliance of the specific provisions of the basic general technical approval respectively the conditions of an approval in the individual case shall be considered. Any nonconformity as to those provisions will lead to the loss of the technical attestation and thus to the loss of the authorization requirements for running the plant.


For any repairs principally only spare parts approved by the manufacturer or original spare parts made by the manufacturer of the fire protection product may be applied.


Basically after completion of the repair works the state and the functioning according to the maintenance instructions shall be checked.


All works shall be recorded. In case of a fire damage and a possible non-functioning of the fire protection device a complete proof of the service rendered aside from legal aspects is important for obtaining an insurance benefit.


Example of a service chart according to the  test book gte Brandschutz GmbH:


Example of a service chart according to the  test book gte Brandschutz AG

gte Brandschutz gte Brandschutz