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Often fire disasters like the one at the Düsseldorf Airport bring fire prevention to consciousness of those responsible. Basing on provisions but more and more out of conviction, planers and building owners spend a lot of money for fire protection for industrial facilities in Germany.


And that was about it in many cases. Ignorance and commercial reasons make that investments become totally senseless due to lack of maintenance. Thus even the most expensive fire protection shutter is without effect if it cannot satisfy its function in the case of fire or failure .


This is a field, and the responsible user should be aware of that, that reacts extremely sensitive. Not only that the control technology of fire protection systems is becoming more and more complex, they intervene directly in the control of the logistic sequence. That means that the failure of a fire protection system of fire protection shutters for track-bound conveyor plants can paralyse a complete logistic centre.



Who should perform the maintenance works?

The time, when a fire protection shutter was retained by a melting solder metal that melts if exposed to flames thus closing the shutter, is over .


If a normal fire protection shutter with one individual hold-open device and related fire detectors can be seen as an independent system, so the attempt to maintain and test fire protection shutters in a fire wall among-rise racks and commissioning with possibly 50 openings and related conveyer system can become a nightmare.  Not only the mechanical functioning of the conveyor system shutters has to be guaranteed, a system of hold-open devices, drive controls, material clearance controls need to be co-ordinated accurately.  And all that under the main idea that all the surroundings like conveyor system, building services and control station are not in operation any longer in case of fire or failure.


The following should be considered when performing maintenance:

  • Maintenance may be performed only by product informed technicians.
  • The specific provisions of the General Technical Approval of the fire protection product shall unconditionally be adhered to.
  • Additional factory specifications of the manufacturer shall be considered

Generally valid directives and accident prevention regulations shall be observed.

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