Safety Instructions

Fire protection systems for conveyor plants are not comparable to usual conveyor shutters as to their function and control technology. In this case it is a co-ordinated system from a mechanical and control technical point of view. Incorrect operations or unauthorized interventions in the control system may result into a damage of the whole fire protection appliance and consequently put the logistic system that was supposed to be protected out of operation.


While performing maintenance or service works at least following directions need to be taken into account:



Danger of Life Warning Caution


Test and maintenance works may only be performed during downtime of the appropriate conveyor plant. It is essential that the relevant parts of the plant are set on maintenance by means of the maintenance switches.


If the access restraint for the safety area is disregarded injuries may be caused due to the automatic start of the conveyor plant in case of a fire alarm.


Principally only qualified and instructed personnel may take actions at the fire protection facilities .





Corrective maintenance works may only be carried out by authorised technical staff or service personnel of the manufacturer. Arbitrary corrective maintenance works of the operator are not permitted. In case of illegal manual intervention in the fire protection plant any warranty and liability claims towards the installer will expire!


During the performance of test and maintenance works on control facilities the following shall be considered:


There are parts of the plant within the control sections that can excite life-endangering electric shocks if touched. That is why the installation of the plant is only permissible by qualified technical staff. A safe and failure-free operation  is only constituted by compliance with the applicable regulations DIN VDE 0100, DIN VDE 0113, DIN VDE 0160, DIN VDE 0875 as well as relevant local provisions.



Danger caused by emergency power batteries

Be careful when working in the control cabinet „Danger to life“
After the disconnection of the plant from the energy grid one shall take into consideration that the emergency power plant is operated with voltages, which can cause a life endangering electric shock when touched.


Potential Isolation

Danger caused by „Potential Isolation“

Caution, danger for operator and plant
When applying components that do not use potential isolated in-/outlets it will be necessary, that between the components to be connected there is potential equality (e.g. by means of balancing lines). If disregarded the components might be destroyed by balancing currence.

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