Maintenance of Conveyor System Shutters (CSS)

The Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for structural Engineering), Berlin pursues a consequent path regarding the approach in the particulars technical approval tests (VdS acceptance) and test standards for testing and maintenance of fire protection shutters. Item 4 of the approvals.


..."Each fire protection shutter has to be checked by the user at least once a month as to its serviceability.
In addition the user is obliged annually to undertake or to have undertake a test as well as a maintenance regarding an undisturbed functioning of the fire protection shutter in co-operation with the conveyor plant and the hold-open device
That test and maintenance may be performed only by a technician or a person skilled for that purpose. The outcome shall be recorded in the test book.
The manufacturer of the fire protection shutter shall inform the user of the conveyor plant about those requirements."...


The attestation of the undisturbed functioning of all components and the conveyor system provided by the expert acceptance is only temporarily effective. The extension is bound to a regular periodic repetition of certain parts of the acceptance test and to keeping of a test book as well as to the annual maintenance.


In case the user of a plant violates that provision, one of the most significant approval conditions does not exist any longer. Then the company plant is regarded as not approved both under public law and insurance law. Most parties involved are not aware of that special feature.


The attestation of an undisturbed functioning of a conveyor system shutter (CSS) is of significant importance for the operating technology, too. Here the CSS shall be estimated like any other machine part of the conveyor plant. Breakdown susceptibility  reduces the availability of the conveyor plant, by what  the repetition of parts of the acceptance test should play an essential role for the operating technology orientated user

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