In 1978

the first types of track-bound conveyor system shutters were protected by patents. The commercial exploitation of the mainly standardized respectively typecast shutters was effected by various licencees.



In 1990

we started to establish our own manufacturing department in Stahnsdorf/Berlin. The severe official restrictions as well as the requirements of the industrial logistics regarding automatically working fire protection systems were only possible to meet by means of centralisation of sales, development and manufacturing departments.



In 1999

the Brandschutz AG was founded. The steadily increasing demand for gte fire protection and control systems forced the expansion of capacities as well as the new corporate structure. Subsequently the product development focused on the perfection of the existing fire protection systems and on the creation of a comprehensive control system basing on microcomputers. The compact solution with hold-open device, material clearance control and emergency power coordination is surely unique in the world. This is where gte is certified to be an absolute market leader.



In 2003

the company moved to an own new manufacturing site. Here amply 3-D and CAE work stations are available for the engineering staff. Thus the engineering staff can process projects world-wide online with partners for example in South Africa for a project in Malaysia. The up-to-date equipped manufacturing department allows the production of most complicated fire protection systems. Conveyor system shutters for stacker cranes with a height up to 24 m or control systems for projects with more than 100 shutters connected with each other, with material clearance control and decentralised emergency power supplies are not unusual.

Eight production series of conveyor system shutters with 162 production types and two production series of process controls completed by coordinated emergency power supplies serve gte as technical basis.

All gte fire protection products are generally technically approved by the German Institute for Constructional Engineering (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) Berlin respectively have additional international certificates. Manufacture is subject to a QS System consisting of self- and third-party monitoring.




Subsequently gte products will also be certified for the British market. The certification is documented in the „Red Book". There all those for the British market certified fire protection products are listed, that analogue to the German approvals can generally be employed in Great Britain




The increasing demand for gte fire protection and control systems, above all in the European countries as well as world-wide, forces the expansion of capacities. As the first step the adjacent property will be acquired for the purpose of the subsequent expansion of the manufacturing department. Hence the area of the property will double.




For meeting the requirements concerning modern, functional and economic fire protection systems for the fire protection of conveyor plants also in Europe, in 2010 the manufacture of a totally new production series of conveyor system shutters was started. The new series has been generally technically approved by the German Institute for Constructional Engineering Berlin under Z-6.6-2089.




The harmonisation of standards in Europe reached gte Brandschutz AG. The first European Technical Approval (ETA for conveyor system shutters will be awarded. Basing on that approval conveyor system shutters can be delivered non-bureaucratically to EU countries.




The capacity limits of gte manufacture are slowly being approached. In 2013 the building of another production hall of 1,500 m² and an office wing of 300 m² for the expansion of the technical office will be started. 

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